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Fallout 4 Player Tries to Fight Swan With a Baseball Bat, Instantly Regrets It

A Fallout 4 player recently shared a funny video in which they try to fight the Swan armed solely with a Baseball Bat, only to be smashed in a single blow. Fallout 4 has many enemies, but few are as memorable as the Swan, a huge Supermutant that can squash incautious players easily.

Due to the huge success of Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV show, many players are coming back to Fallout 4. Fallout 4 was released in 2015, but it has seen a big surge in player activity recently, together with Fallout 76. With more people returning to the Commonwealth’s post-apocalyptic world, new interesting stories are surfacing in the game’s community.

A recent example of these unique stories can be seen in a video recently shared by a Fallout 4 player called Domidoodoo. In the 14-second clip, it’s possible to see Domidoodoo armed only with a regular Baseball Bat entering the pond to face the Swan. They approach the enemy from behind, but their character is seen and killed with a single blow. Part of the reason why the player died so quickly, though, could have been related to their low level. As seen in a loading screen at the end of the video, the character was only at Level 11 when they faced the giant monster, which means Domidoodoo was severely under-leveled for taking out such a powerful enemy.

The Swan is one of the most powerful enemies in Fallout 4. Located in a pond near the center of Boston Commons, the Swan is hidden in the water, surprising incautious players and possibly killing them if they are low-level.

Other players returning to Fallout 4 also have some stories that mix tragedy and comedy. For instance, a gamer recently recorded the moment they were killed by a flying car in Fallout 4. They were fighting a mole rat and a weird bug happened, as the enemy somehow managed to throw the car in the air during the combat, smashing the player.

Not all the recent Fallout 4 stories to appear in the game’s community are tragic, though. Another player recently decided to pay homage

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