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D&D Vs. Pathfinder: Which Campaign Settings Are Best (& Why)

Both and roleplaying games are living in a golden age of unprecedented popularity. However, many newcomers are conflicted about which system or settings to adopt in their games. This is understandable, as learning both a TTRPG play system and a campaign setting reflects dozens of hours of study, reading, and play. In fact, most campaign settings are so expansive that many players without consistent gaming groups will spend years in the hobby without setting foot in various settings. Often, this can lead to indecision and hesitation.

Most frequently, the key driver of this is hesitancy to invest in a setting only for it to be unenjoyable. As many veteran players know, TTRPGs can be an expensive hobby, and beyond the time commitment it takes to play, the cost of purchasing source books is hefty. Even more vexing is a question that has plagued many players since the days of the mid-2000s: or While it’s true that familiar tropes can be found within each game’s campaign settings, they nevertheless offer distinct experiences that should be weighed before venturing into either.

What started out as a way to hang out with friends during the COVID lockdowns quickly turned into a regular weekly meet-up playing D&D.

When entering the TTRPG world, many players find themselves drawn toward simply because of its priceless branding. The game has been a cultural linchpin for nearly three generations and has seen renewed popularity given the rise of real-play media such as and However, cannot be counted out. When choosing between the two,'sstrength lies in both its pedigree and its variety, while creates a truly expansive, versatile world with sci-fi capabilities.

has seen dozens of campaign settings over its nearly 50-year history, and they are too numerous to detail here. Likewise, many players will feel overwhelmed at the options presented when beginning to play but clear front-runners do stand out. though, has grown tremendouslysince its 2009 launch, with many players citing

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