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How To Solve Sarin’s Skeleton Puzzle In Baldur's Gate 3

Players can receive a rare and special item as a reward by solving the puzzle of Sarin's Skeleton in. A few strange encounters can be found in Baldur's Gate's Lower City Sewers, including a paranoid sorcerer named Aelis Siryasius, who commands a small army of grease creatures. Through dialogue, Aelis reveals he killed his companion Sarin out of paranoia, fearing the Absolute had enthralled her.

Players should speak to Aelis in the Lower City Sewers at coordinates X-95, Y 826 to start figuring out how to reassemble Sarin's Skeleton. Once the party crosses the grease-coated bridge, Aelis will confront the player character. It's worth being careful when tackling this encounter, as fire can ignite all the grease in the environment with catastrophic results. If possible, dialogue is the ideal approach.

Players can wield all kinds of arcane magic in Baldur's Gate 3. Here are some of the best spells for use during combat and exploration.

Sarin's Skeleton is in a coffin just beyond the point where Aelis confronts the party. The skeleton glows with a blue light, so it is hard to miss. As mentioned, the best approach is to use dialogue options to avoid a fight with Aelis and his army of grease creatures. Players can:

These skill checks depend on Charisma, so certain classes should find it easier to avoid a fight. For instance, a strong Bard build shouldn't have much trouble passing the checks. After dealing with Aelis, the party can interactwith Sarin's Skeleton. It will have an empty slot for her missing skull.

To find Sarin's Skull for the puzzle, find Voiceless Penitent Baraki near the Undercity Ruins fast travel point at X:-154, Y: 938. This is the same fast travel point that players may have used to enter the Temple of Bhaal as part of the main story. Baraki can be found to the west of the fast travel point.

Sarin's Skull can be looted from a pouch directly behind Baraki. It's worth noting that the pouch is considered owned property, so Baraki will confront the

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