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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Every Scadu Altus Site Of Grace LocationsElden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Every Scadu Altus Site Of Grace Locations

Scadu Altus is one of the primary regions in and is likely the second main area you will encounter after the starter location, Gravesite Plain. This region is integral to the DLC's main story narrative and critical path. Similar to Gravesite Plain, Scadu Altus features many hidden areas, full of valuable loot to discover during your journey.

While exploring the Shadow Realm, it is crucial for players to activate all Sites of Grace. Doing so provides numerous resting points, making exploration more manageable and convenient by enabling fast travel across the map. By following specific directions to Scadu Altus and obtaining the Map Fragment, you can locate and activate every Site of Grace in the area.

To take on Elden Ring's notoriously challenging DLC, there are many ways to prepare, skills to learn, and items to use that make it more manageable.

To reach Scadu Altus in, you must first clear and complete the minor dungeon, Castle Ensis, located in Gravesite Plain. After defeating the dungeon's final boss, Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, the doors from her boss arena will open, leading you to the rear of the castle and into Scadu Altus.

Castle Ensis is situated east of Belurat, Tower Settlement. To find the castle, start at the 'Three-Path Cross' Site of Grace and head northeast towards Ellac Greatbridge.

Rellana is a formidable boss who demands strategic planning to defeat. She utilizes swift, far-reaching twin sword combos and magic spells. Her combos cover a broad range, making them challenging to evade once initiated. In her second phase, she enhances her moves with fire and ice effects.

Instead of attempting to dodge quickly, focus on memorizing and reacting to her attack patterns. After four successful guard counters, you can break her stance and execute a critical hit.

If Rellana is proving too challenging, there is a secret way to reach Scadu Altus without defeating one of the main bosses. PolygonGuides on YouTube offers an alternative route to bypass Castle

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