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Fallout 4 Player Beats the Game Using Only a Rolling Pin

A talented Fallout 4player has managed to complete an entire playthrough of the game using only a rolling pin as a weapon. Fallout 4 offers players many ways to complete the game, although it has to be said that this particular gamer has made things much more difficult for themselves.

As with any Bethesda game, Fallout 4 massively encourages repeat playthroughs. Some players play the same way every single time, while others just make a few different choices here and there. However, some players will place restrictions on themselves on purpose in order to make it a much more difficult challenge. Through the power of modding, one gamer even managed to beat Fallout 4 playing as a radscorpion. Seeing these types of challenge runs come to fruition is always fascinating, as they often require a ton of patience, especially when things aren’t exactly going to plan.

YouTuber Nerbit shared their unique run of Fallout 4, in which they beat the game using only the rolling pin in combat. It isn’t exactly one of the best melee weapons in Fallout 4, so it’s certainly an interesting choice. The run is inspired by one of Nerbit’s previous videos, in which he beats Fallout: New Vegas using the same weapon. This time around, Nerbit follows the Railroad storyline of the game, taking down both the Institute and Brotherhood of Steel using only a rolling pin, which he finds at the very beginning of Fallout 4.

Nerbit has established himself as quite the expert at Bethesda challenge runs. Last year, he completed a run of Fallout: New Vegas while roleplaying as Ronald Reagan, and has done several other runs of various Bethesda titles under similar rule sets. While comedy is definitely the main intention of these runs, it’s interesting to see how he navigates the actual issues the game puts in the way of players along the way. While it isn’t clear what Nerbit has planned next, it’s certain to be an awesome challenge.

While players are still completing unique playthroughs of Fallout 4, there’s

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