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Clever Baldur's Gate 3 Build Lets Gamers Play as X-Men's Gambit

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player online has shared their amazing build, which turns Tav into X-Men’s Gambit. It has been extremely interesting to see how players have used Baldur’s Gate 3’s character creator to show off their own unique builds.

When Baldur’s Gate 3 first launched, it became immediately apparent how versatile the tools were for character creation. Not only could players create a visually distinct character, but they could also build their attributes and abilities, allowing for a unique playthrough every time. Players took the chance in many different ways. Some instantly looked to find the most powerful Baldur’s Gate 3 build and cheese their way through the game, while others took a different approach, creating their favorite characters from other franchises. One recent Baldur’s Gate 3 build turned a Dark Urge character into Frank Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is every bit as hilarious as it sounds.

This build from TikToker finalparty shows gamers how to create Gambit from X-Men It starts as a Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock, with a build focused on Dexterity and Charisma. The build uses Agonising Blast and Eldritch Blast to simulate Gambit’s cards, before using Pact of the Blade to summon a staff. Later in the build, finalparty multi-classes into Fighter before becoming a Polearm Master.

While Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t have the exact tools to become Gambit, finalparty’s attempt is definitely the closest players can get while remaining within the boundaries of the base game. There are no doubt a bunch of Baldur's Gate 3 modsthat players could choose to use in order to make this Gambit build even more authentic to the character.

With Larian no longer at the helm of the Baldur's Gate series, it will be interesting to see how Hasbro handles proceedings going forward. First on the agenda will be finding a studio that can live up to the lofty expectations set by Baldur's Gate 3 developer Larian. Hasbro has already confirmed that Baldur's Gate 4 is

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