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There's One Great Way To Make FF7 Rebirth Feel More Like The Original Game

is significantly different from the original in a lot of ways, but it's possible to make it feel a lot closer to the classic experience. It's no surprise that taking a turn-based RPG from the 1990s and expanding it into three huge action titles would result in something largely new, even when overarching reverence to the source material is maintained. For all the upsides to the new approach, however, an average playthrough of tends to reveal some elements that don't feel as tight or as interesting as the classic game.

Where tends to falter most is in its extreme dedication to a bigger-is-better approach, which introduces plenty of fun new material while also bogging things down with some repetitive filler. One thing that made the original a classic was how consistently exciting it was compared to the average JRPG, packing a huge story and constant shake-ups to both the plot and gameplay into a reasonable runtime.'s diversions can be enjoyable in their own right, but participating in them definitely does some damage to the overall momentum.

FF7 Rebirth makes one element a lot more time-consuming than it needs to be, and it wouldn't be hard for FF7 Remake Part 3 to fix the issue.

Beating unlocks a new way to experience the game through the addition of a Hard Mode, and this might be the perfect way to recapture some of the original 's strengths within 's framework. As noted by Reddit user postulate4, it's possible to completely remove some of the more distracting elements of in Hard Mode. After completing side quests and world intel on the first playthrough, electing to maintain that progress when starting Hard Mode removes them from the picture. Zack's storyline, the biggest addition to the canon, can also be skipped entirely.

Dynamic mode is a different difficulty setting from anything Final Fantasy has offered before, but it could be the right choice for a lot of players.

Not all of 's flights of fancy are relegated to side material, and changes like the cruise

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