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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Beat Black Knight Edredd (Boss Guide)

The Black Knight Edredd is an optional, side boss that players can find and defeat in . Although a relatively simple boss fight, especially whenever compared to the difficult remembrance bosses lining this expansion, this is an unexpected one. With the proper knowledge and preparation, you should be able to easily find and slay the Black Knight Edredd.

While some bosses, like the Divine Dancing Lion and Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, are required to complete the DLC’s main story, Edredd is one of many optional fights. By slaying Edredd, players can acquire more runes, gear, and access to further zones. If you’re trying to find or slay this boss, below is everything that you need to know.

Elden Ring DLC players are begging for help — and some of them are getting it, thanks to one overlooked mechanic. But its actual usefulness varies.

The Black Knight Edredd in can be found in the Fort of Reprimand in the Realm of Shadow. This is a completely optional fort found in the western reaches of the Realm of Shadow. To access this fort, players will need to clear the required Castle Ensis dungeon and slay Rellana, Twin Moon Knight. Once you finish off Castle Ensis, you can follow the road leading north, but start going south once you hit the first major fork.

Along the way to Castle Ensis, you can meet up with one of Miquella’s followers, Dryleaf Dane, and discover one of Miquella’s Crosses.

Keep heading south until you reach the Moorth Highway Site of Lost Grace. To get here, you will need to cross a group of Messmer soldiers fighting a large dragon. Although you can intervene, this is entirely optional as you can bypass this distraction entirely. Either way, you should find this isolated fort at the end of the road.

The Fort of Preprimand in is a small mini-dungeon with a relatively fast track to the main boss of the instance, Black Knight Edredd. At the entryway to the Fort, you will spot an Omen Hunter patrolling the main courtyard. Either slay the Omen Hunter or hug the

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