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There's One Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Character I Find Intensely Relatable

I've always been enamored by 's NPCs. There's just something magical about the way the game approaches its characters: from Melina's quiet rage, to Ranni's smirking mystique, to Alexander's triumphant courage, each of them portrays an admirable trait that begs countless questions, and always leaves me looking forward to the next encounter. is no exception, and I was immediately endeared to Leda 's devotion, Thiollier 's pathos, and Moore's obsession. NPCs are a major part of the FromSoft Soulsborne formula. Their personable, and often funny, demeanors bring a lot of humanity to the despairing worlds they inhabit.

But sometimes, a particular NPC becomes an icon simply because players find them relatable. Think of the joy Solaire takes in defeating hardy foes alongisde his allies, or Siegmeyer's propensity for getting into trouble. has a similar player surrogate, but his journey is unlike any other. It's engrossing, touching, even inspiring, but most importantly, it's incredibly relevant to my own, and countless other players', experience with 's DLC.

As I wandered the Land of Shadow, exploring the first chunk of 's DLC map before finally launching my invasion of Castle Ensis, I began to hear a heart-rending wail of pain. Despite my curiosity, I was hesitant to approach, imagining that whatever beast caused these cries wasn't far off, and that, if I stopped to aid this ailing traveler, I would become its next target. But I mustered my courage (and rested at the nearby Site of Grace) before approaching. There, I met Igon.

It was hard to tell whether Igon was aware of my presence, or whether he was merely continuing his lament as he railed against someone named Bayle, cursing his name and the ceaseless pain he'd caused. But, in true Soulsborne fashion, I listened to his spiel, exhausted his dialogue, and was about to move on, when I noticed countless messages sprouting up from the ground around him. I read them all: "," and "." I immediately understood that,

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