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Stunning Zelda Sonia Cosplay Perfectly Embodies The Queen Of Hyrule

An extremely talented cosplayer has brought 's Queen Sonia to life. Sonia was a new character introduced in, but one that soon became a fan favorite, and while she appeared mostly through flashbacks related to Zelda's story, players have been keen to see more of her since.

Elden_Cosplay (who goes by Hitomi_cosplay on Reddit) shared her Queen Sonia cosplay to the r/Zelda Subreddit stating that the character had become one of her favorites in the franchise. However, she did go on to say that the Twilight Realm's Midna — who appeared in and — is still her ""

The cosplay received high praise from the community, who complimented not only the incredibly detailed outfit but also the attention to detail involved with the makeup. Queen Sonia is covered in various white symbols with various meanings, including the Triforce on her wrist, which fans are extremely familiar with as the ultimate source of power in the franchise.

Elden_Cosplay has also cosplayed characters such as Malenia from and Boa Hancock from.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces multiple important pieces of Hyrule’s history, and one particularly perfect addition is Sonia, the first queen.

Sonia was a priestess before she met the Zonai King, Rauru, and founded Hyrule, becoming its first Queen. While she wasn't present in, she played an important part in her descendant, Zelda's story in, after finding her unconscious in the forest and taking her in.

Upon realizing that Zelda had traveled back in time, Sonia was able to teach her how to control her time magic powers, even though Zelda would ultimately turn out to be far more powerful. During their time together, the two grew close, and Sonia showed great interest in some of the stories Zelda would tell her from her time, including ones about Link.

With Zelda finally taking the lead in the upcoming, there's plenty of potential for Nintendo to explore other characters than Link in future titles. While Zelda's time with Sonia was fully explored in , it

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