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One Fallout 4 Villain May Be The Key To Immorality In The Fallout Universe (& Isn't A Ghoul)

has many interesting characters to meet across the Commonwealth, but one villain may be the key to immortality in the post-apocalyptic universe. introduced many firsts for the franchise, the biggest being a change to more modern gameplay. These changes mainly included sprinting and improved gun mechanics. This allowed the franchise to appeal to a wider range of players who typically enjoy faster-paced games and improved over aspects of and .

was also only the second time the franchise ventured to the East Coast of America, this time going back to where the United States was born. The Commonwealth perfectly combines colonial history and 's futuristic society. Though it may not have the franchise's best story, it arguably has the best, realistic setting, including a villain who could make a serious breakthrough.

Conrad Kellogg, the secondary antagonist of may hold the key for non-ghoul humans to find something close to immortality. Kellogg originally came from the West Coast but ended up a Diamond City mercenary who would get in the Institute's way. After deciding it would pay more, Kellogg chose to work for the Institute, which paved the way for him to eventually steal the player's son at the beginning of the game.

After joining the Institute, Kellogg was given cybernetic enhancements by the scientists there. These did not make him fully immortal, but made it so he would age extremely slowly. This is shown by how, when the player meets him in the game, Kellogg is already over 100 but looks in his early 40s.

These enhancements would likely not make a person immortal, because they would still die of wounds or possibly very old age. However, cybernetics couldgreatly extend human life to the point of being near immortal. This would likely depend on a lot of factors from person to person. Many in the universe hate ghouls, so this would be a better alternative, but some would likely also be hesitant to exchange their organic bodies for mechanical ones. Especially if

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