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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Beat Jagged Peak Drake (Boss Guide)

Beating the Jagged Peak Drake in can be a daunting task for players who are caught by surprise by this large and imposing dragon menace after a relatively challenging dungeon. The Jagged Peak Drake is but one of the many new and optional bosses in the DLC, though those who wish to progress within the questline for Igon and consume Draconic Essence in ’s DLC will need to go through the dragon boss. This opponent actually appears twice in, and the fights are relatively different each time.

Dragons can be difficult opponents to face in FromSoftware’s popular RPG due to their massive size and incredible strength. Some of them rely more on physical attacks with their wings, claws, fangs, and tails, while others resort mostly to elemental powers – in this case, the Jagged Peark Drake boss uses a fine mix of tools when fighting your character, so you need to be prepared to adapt strategies on the spot and ensure victory. Of course, the strategy for the two fights against Jagged Peak Drakes changes due to their arenas in.

Finding a way around the Land of Shadow in Elden Ring’s DLC can be difficult, but a secret Shadow of the Erdtree mechanic makes it much easier.

The first encounter you should have with the Jagged Peak Drake will likely occur after completing the Dragon’s Pit dungeon, accessible by heading southwest from the Pillar Path Waypoint Site of Grace. The dungeon is fairly long and has many intertwining paths but, at the end, you should face and defeat the Ancient Dragon-Man boss. By continuing on the path forward, you will be led to the Dragon’s Pit Terminus Site of Grace, which then eventually leads to the Jagged Peak Drake boss in . The path forward is clear of other enemies.

Dragon’s Pit Terminus is your go-to Site of Grace in case you end up dying in the first battle against Jagged Peak Drake.

From a distance, you will see an arena with dead dragons and, in the center, the dormant Jagged Peak Drake boss. Before reaching it, to your left, there is a

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