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PS5 News

Christian Miller - Fallout 4 Player Builds Incredible Ammo Factory - gamerant.com

Fallout 4 Player Builds Incredible Ammo Factory

Fallout 4 allows players to construct elaborate settlements with a noteworthy level of automation, and one fan used this feature to build an impressive ammo factory for their pistol. While melee builds are possible in Fallout 4, especially if one can get their hands on an Instigating Super Sledge, most players tend to opt for ranged weapons during their first playthrough. As a result, ammo becomes one of the most valuable pieces of loot that the Sole Survivor can come across in the Commonwealth, especially if they don't have access to the Contraptions Workshop DLC.

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Alan Wake - Dalton Cooper - Nintendo - Leaked Dead by Daylight Killer Seems Even More Likely Now - gamerant.com

Leaked Dead by Daylight Killer Seems Even More Likely Now

A recent tease by Behaviour Interactive has lent credibility to a previous Dead by Daylight leak that claimed Castlevania's version of Dracula is a future Killer. Dead by Daylight has managed to stay successful for so long thanks to regular content updates that add new content to the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. While all Dead by Daylight content updates are appreciated, the ones that generate the most buzz are those that add new Killers to the game.

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Derek Nichols - Destiny 2 Reveals Prismatic Exotic Class Item Perks - gamerant.com

Destiny 2 Reveals Prismatic Exotic Class Item Perks

Bungie confirms the various perks that are available with the upcoming exotic class item for Destiny 2's newest subclass inside of the Final Shape expansion. It's been a great few weeks for Destiny 2 players, as the lengthy Season of the Wish was infused with the immensely popular Into The Light update back in April. Not only did this give Destiny 2 players something new to chase with 12 returning weapons, but it added a wealth of new activities like the wave-defense Onslaught mode, returning exotic missions, as well as the end-game challenge known as Pantheon.

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Star Wars - J Brodie Shirey - Anakin Skywalker - Fortnite Nerfs Darth Vader - gamerant.com - county Island

Fortnite Nerfs Darth Vader

Darth Vader may be the most feared Sith Lord in the galaxy, but Fortnite players might have an easier time battling him after a new update. Fortnite recently celebrated Star Wars Day with a host of new content across all its different game modes, allowing fans to build iconic vehicles on a new Island in LEGO Fortnite, rock out to classic Star Wars tunes in Fortnite Festival, or tear up the tracks in cars themed after Darth Maul and Anakin Skywalker’s Podracer in Rocket Racing.

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Charming Holiday - Upcoming PS5 and Xbox Game Has Serious Ratchet and Clank Vibes - gamerant.com

Upcoming PS5 and Xbox Game Has Serious Ratchet and Clank Vibes

Indie developer Evil Raptor has teamed up with PLAION to reveal a first teaser trailer for the upcoming action-adventure shooter Akimbot, which has already received positive response among audiences for its likeness to Ratchet and Clank. Offering a colorful journey with two partnered heroes and gameplay akin to the beloved action-adventure video games synonymous with the PlayStation 2, this upcoming release is one fans of Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter may want to take a closer look at.

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Dalton Cooper - New PS5 and Xbox Horror Game is Getting Great Reviews - gamerant.com

New PS5 and Xbox Horror Game is Getting Great Reviews

The newly-released survival-horror game Crow Country, available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, is getting great reviews from critics. Crow Country is a throwback to classic PlayStation 1 survival-horror games. Many indie titles have attempted to replicate old-school Resident Evil and Silent Hill survival-horror with mixed results, but Crow Country is certainly one of the best to take a crack at it to date.

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Behaviour Interactive - Dead by Daylight Fans Should Circle May 14 on Their Calendars - gamerant.com

Dead by Daylight Fans Should Circle May 14 on Their Calendars

As Dead by Daylightramps up celebrations for its ninth anniversary, the official Twitter account teases the next DLC chapter of the game. On May 14, the developers of the hit asymmetrical horror game plan to reveal more about the upcoming Dead by Daylight DLC in a livestream unveiling the roadmap for the upcoming content cycle.

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John Bonelli - May 14 Will Be a Big Day for Overwatch 2 D.Va Fans - gamerant.com

May 14 Will Be a Big Day for Overwatch 2 D.Va Fans

Overwatch 2's collab with Porsche, which will add a white Macan Turbo Electric skin for D.Va, is finally happening next week. The tenth season of Overwatch 2 introduced an interesting Mirrorwatch theme which sees some of the franchise's heroes and villains swap roles and abilities in a limited time mode. Additionally, the latest DPS hero, Venture, joined the roster, giving players the ability to burrow underground, become invincible, and set up surprise attacks on opposing players from below.

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