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Today's Connections Hints & Answers For June 29, 2024 (Puzzle #383)

The editor for today's puzzle had an Ace up their sleeve the whole time. If you do not want to fall into the trap, or already have and are confused, then here are some tips to avoiding it and understanding what the categories actually are. Join us to get some good hints and tips so that you do not make the same mistakes we did.

If you enjoy a challenge, check out the puzzle, which asks you to use honeycombs of letters to form as many words as you can. It is cute but challenging, and since there is a scoring system you can see your progress day to day as you complete more puzzles. It is a great way to pass time when waiting in line or in transit.

This tricky little five by five crossword isn't always as easy as it looks; here are a couple easy tips and tricks to beat your friends' times!

The tricky bit of this puzzle will be negated by a fair margin once you know the categories, as what first appears to be correct will not be. This can let you finish the puzzle on your own, so we have listed the categories down below for you to peruse.










In a puzzle full of very short words, it would be very easy to fall for the trick with the short abbreviated days of the week seemingly comprising a full category. Often when a category is not a real one, there are less than four words that fit in, but today there are four days of the week to trick you: TUE, WED, SAT, SUN. However, once that was eliminated as a choice, seeing four words that all sounded like TOO we decided that this must be the right direction.






In fact, as another tip, the four days of the week are spread across the four categories. Here WED means «to wed» which makes sense given the context. TIE could also be a misleading word, given that there are other short words beginning with T, but seeing TIE and UNITE together, the category started to come together.

Today’s Wordle answer will be difficult to solve

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