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Pro Elden Ring Player Reveals How To Embarrass The DLC's Final Boss

One player has spent so long mastering that they were able to completely embarrass the DLC's final boss and parry nearly every one of the villain's attacks. The act of blocking at just the right time to briefly stun a foe in FromSoftware's RPGs is an incredibly satisfying mechanic, so much so that it's made its way into plenty of games in entirely different genres. It's a maneuver with a «high risk, high reward» philosophy attached to it, so seeing someone use it so precisely is always a treat.

Posted to Reddit by user Zane_Alcatraz, the player shows off their parry skills by utterly embarrassing the imposing Radahn, Consort of Miquella.

The clip, which spans the entire fight, shows The Tarnished use a buckler shield to successfully parry and eventually counter the boss on loop in what is no doubt an impressive feat of skill and practice. Zane_Alcatraz notes that the fight didn't come easy as it took them 15 hours to learn Radahn's attack patterns with enough precision to successfully stop each one mid-swing.

Elden Ring’s DLC introduces a wide variety of creepy new enemies, but the worst among them have a tragic backstory that almost makes them sympathetic.

Making Radahn look like a fool is no simple task but with the correct build and plenty of patience, it's possible to parry nearly every one of the boss's attacks. Writing about how they achieved their success, Zane_Alcatraz explains that their Tarnished was equipped with a Buckler with Carian Retaliation, granting them the highest parry success rate, and the Miséricorde dagger. The most vital aspect of the build is the Talismans,including Assassin's Crimson Dagger to restore health on critical hits, and any others that reduce incoming damage.

Zane_Alcatraz also notes that when it comes to practicing against Radahn, they recommend that players enter the fight with a Tarnished specced high into defense. The margin for error when it comes to parrying the Consort of Miquella is very wide, so being able to tank

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