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Lenovo cut the price of this gaming chair by $150

Sitting at a computer for several hours a day can be pretty bad for health, especially since the majority of budget-friendly chairs you’ll find tend not to be made for long daily usage. That’s where gaming chairs can come in, and while there are a lot of different types with various health benefits, even the most basic gaming chairs will offer a couple of great features. For example, this Lenovo gaming RGX chair is a great option for those who don’t want to spend a ton, especially since it has been discounted to $200 from its original $350 price tag.

Why you should buy the Lenovo Office Depot RS Gaming RGX Chair

One nice thing about this gaming chair from Lenovo is that it has a high back that not only gives you a lot of upper-back support but also gives you a bit more lumbar support than a straight-backed chair. It’s also slightly winged on the sides, so it hugs you a bit and gives you a bit more support on your sides as well, which is a great addition. Finally, there is a vent at the top, and while it’s not massive, it’s big enough that it should offer you some level of cooling when you’re sitting down for long hours.

Another great form of support is the fact that it can handle up to 275 pounds, which is great for heavier folks. That said, the one downside is that the arms aren’t adjustable in and out, so if you have a larger waist, you should make sure that the armrests aren’t going to be biting into you. Luckily, the armrests can be raised up and out of the way, so if you don’t care that much about the armrests or are ok with using just one side, that’s another option, too.

Overall, the Lenovo Office Depot RS Gaming RGX Chair is a pretty solid mid-range option, and with the deal from Lenovo that knocks it down to just $200, it’s well worth considering. That said, if you’d like a few more options or this Lenovo chair isn’t quite what you’re looking for, check out some of these other great gaming chair deals.

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