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Intel Battlemage BMG-G31 GPU Spotted, Supposedly Features 32 Xe2 Cores On Next-Gen Arc Cards

Intel's Battlemage discrete GPUs, featuring the next-gen Xe2 graphics architecture, will get a high-end BMG-G31 configuration as revealed within Intel's Design-iN Tools portal.

Intel Battlemage BMG-G31 GPU Supposedly Features 32 Cores With Upgraded Xe2 Graphics Architecture

Intel's Battlemage discrete GPUs are one of the products that will be utilizing the Xe2 graphics architecture which offers up to a 50% performance uplift over the existing Alchemist Xe1 GPUs along with various improvements and feature additions. These Arc GPUs are said to launch in the coming months but so far, Intel has been tight-lipped since they are focused on the Xe2 integrated stuff for Lunar Lake at the moment.

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Well, it looks like Intel's Design-iN Tools Store has revealed that the Arc Battlemage BMG-G31 GPU is indeed real and testing is already been done on this upcoming chip. The outlet lists the "PTT Engagement - BGA3283-BMG-G31 VRTT Interposer - Prototypes" which reveals that the specific SKU comes in the BGA 3283 format. This information might not be significant for gamers but it does show that the chip has a larger footprint than the other Battlemage chips which have appeared on the same outlet previously.

  • ACM-G10: BGA 2660 (Alchemist)
  • BMG-G21: BGA 2362 (Battlemage)
  • BMG-G10: BGA 2727 (Battlemage)
  • BMG-G31: BGA 3283 (Battlemage)

According to information shared by @SquashBionic, the Intel Arc Battlemage BMG-G31 GPU is supposedly going to feature up to 32 Xe2 cores and will retain the GDDR6 interface so that's 4096 ALUs in total which will be very similar to the existing flagship, the Alchemist-based ACM-G10, that is featured on the Arc A770 graphics card. But once again, with the uplifted performance, we can expect a great mainstream product if it's backed by proper software support and a good value. It is also mentioned that the Battlemage discrete graphics card will ship with

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