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How To Find Refined Metal in Dredge

Refined Metal is quite hard to find in , but it is also an extremely crucial material to get to the endgame. Refined Metal is the only material you will need to fully upgrade your hull, giving youfar more storage than you can otherwise have. This makes it extremely important to find it as quickly as possible.

Materials in often have to be found by fishing, dredging, or buying them from traders. There are multiple locations where this can be done for refined metal, but it is a much rarer material than others. To find it, players must search every island group as thoroughly as possible.

Dredge has multiple endings that players can unlock through a split narrative that occurs after they collect the final Relic, both bad and good.

The best and most consistent way to find Refined Metal isthrough the traveling merchant. They can be found in every archipelago, including Twisted Strand, Devil’s Spine, Stellar Basin, and Gale Cliffs. This is the easiest way to find it, but this alsocosts $500 every time to your potential detriment. This can make it hard to fulfill the requirements and takes away from other necessary upgrades and parts, such as engines in .

You can only buy 1 Refined Metal at a time from the Traveling Merchant before she has to restock. This limits the amount you can buy.

However, you can also find it in the wild among the various islands. This makes it difficult, as many of them can only be found behind obstacles that must be removed using explosives. You have to complete Gale Cliffs’ quest line before buying them, but once you do, they can be purchased from Ingfell.

Either store the Refined Metal until you can use it or immediately put it in the appropriate slot so you can add the materials ahead of time. If your hull gets damaged while you have it onboard, don’t expect to see it when you get to port.

However, two main spots existto find Refined Metal without needing explosives. The first is in Stellar Basin, which you can find by completing a

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