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Fallout 4 Player Discovers New Content By Killing A Key NPC After 3,000 Hours Of Gameplay

As with many of Bethesda's RPGs, can be played in many different ways, with players still discovering different outcomes to certain questlines or situations after repeat playthroughs. One such questline involves the rather meek Diamond City Radio DJ, Travis Miles, who players can help get some confidence by partaking in barfights and setting him up with the bar's waitress, Scarlett.

If this works, Travis will wear a suave Transatlantic accent and a far more confident demeanor when hosting Diamond City Radio, with many of the city's residents commenting on how «smooth» he has become or how nice the player is for helping him. Still, things can go an extremely different way. As Redditor _dooozy_ pointed out, if Travis is killed, he will be swiftly replaced by Sheng Kawolski, a young boy in charge of the water purifier in Diamond City, whom players can assist in a different side mission.

During the mission, Travis will be temporarily marked essential and will follow the player until the quest is completed, should he become a temporary companion. However, Travis can be killed at any point outside of this quest.

Like all the best RPGs, Fallout 4 gives the player the freedom to make moral choices all throughout the game, some of which are truly evil.

Unfortunately, killing Travis comes at a cost, as his replacement is even less charismatic than Travis was before players gave him his confidence boost. Even prior to completing the quest, hearing Travis awkwardly blunder his way through hosting duties between songs had its charm, especially as he would anxiously report on current events or criticize his own attempts at jokes.

Unfortunately, Sheng Kawolski isn't a worthy replacement unless players are really into being sold water. As pointed out by That_Batman on _dooozy_'s post, it's clear that Sheng doesn't have a passion for DJing as he doesn't tell listeners about any news or even introduce any songs; he just advertises his water.

Even if players aren't fond of

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