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Equipping A Single Elden Ring Item May Help You Beat Shadow Of The Erdtree’s Bosses

Unsurprisingly, ’s bossesare much harder than those in ’s base game. If Tarnished aren’t getting tangoed to death by the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, they’re being needled by a gross porcupine hippo or messed up by Messmer. Thankfully, the DLC also adds a new item that could potentially turn the tides in the fight against these unforgiving bosses.

Thanks to an abundance of AoEs and some nasty damage output, the Mimic Tear isn’t quite as dependable in as it is in the Lands Between, but it is still an extremely handy tool for the DLC. For those who don’t know, the Mimic Tear is an upgradable Spirit Ash that summons a clone of the player with high health and the ability to use any of their equipped items. If the player keeps a powerful healing item on their hotbar, the Mimic Tear can use it to effectively double their health.

Shadow of the Erdtree is full of difficult bosses, but this set of 10 takes that to another level, posing extreme challenges for the Tarnished.

One of the rarest and most useful items added by the DLC is the Blessing of Marika, a single-use potion that “” There are three known fixed locations for the Blessings: one inside a cave behind the Church of Consolation, another on a corpse behind the Fort of Reprimand, and another dropped by the Tree Sentinel in the Hinterlands. Functionally identical to Divine Blessings from the series, these items are so rare that they ought to be used only in the direst of circumstances.

As Twitter user @Ziggy_Princess_ points out, Blessings of Marikaare immensely more useful in the hands of a player’s Mimic Tear. While the player is limited to around three uses per playthrough, Blessings can be consumed once per boss attempt by Mimic Tears without affecting the player’s limited stocks. This means that if the player reserves one hotbar slot for the item during boss fights, their Mimic has a chance of radically extending their lifespan during the DLC’s longer and tougher encounters.

’s bosses fight dirty, and so

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