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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Every Gravesite Plain Site Of Grace Locations

Resting points called Sites of Grace allow your character to rest and recover in , which can be extremely important as you explore the hostile Gravesite Plain map in the DLC. The Land of Shadow hosts many dangers from the start as you enter a new region separated from the main game. Discovering Grace can help you explore by becoming landmarks to travel between.

Nearly 100 or more Sites of Grace are located in the five regions that make up the DLC. While some Sites in the Gravesite Plains are easy to reach, others like Charo's Hidden Grave in are difficult to find due to environmental obstacles. Remember to explore areas carefully and follow paths until they end since these routes typically have one or more Grace Sites.

The Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC promises to challenge all players, so make sure to bring your best and favorite ashes of war.

Before you even consider tracking down any hidden Sites of Grace, try to find the region map that reveals the entire area of the Gravesite Plains. This will give you a better idea of which landmarks might have Grace Sites or what hazards you may encounter while searching for one. The less disoriented you are while exploring, the easier it will be to find Grace among the many hills, mountains, cities, and other important locations.

Go northeast to the Scorched Ruins area to spot a small pillar made of stone with glowing gold text on it. The familiar glow of an item can be seen at the base of this structure, so interact with it to pick up the object. This is the Gravesite Plain Map that encompasses one of the largest sections of 's massive world map. Other maps for regions like Scadu Altus or Rauh Ruins can be found similarly in different areas.

Sites of Grace in Gravesite Plain and across the DLC function very closely to those you unlock throughout the base game of. However, Grace Sites in the DLC also allow your character to gain Shadow Realm Blessings in exchange for Scadutree Fragments found on the new maps.

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