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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Castle Ensis Walkthrough (Enemies, NPCs, & Rewards)

Castle Ensis is a minor dungeon in : . Accessible early in the narrative, it is presented as the second dungeon to enter, though it can technically be accessed first. As it is smaller and more straightforward than other dungeons in the DLC, it is relatively easier to clear through.

Despite its comparative simplicity, Castle Ensis offers a variety of enemies, from tough to more manageable, providing a fun challenge. It also contains valuable loot for those willing to explore thoroughly from top to bottom. However, the dungeon's final boss, Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, is a formidable opponent and requires strategic planning to face, so it's advisable not to enter under-leveled.

To get to Elden Ring's Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC as fast as possible, complete Varré's questline and reach Mohg's palace, to defeat him in battle.

Castle Ensis is located east of Belurat, Tower Settlement, and is accessible after finding Needle Knight Leda's note, directing you East. While it is unlike Belurat, which contains many twisting paths, Castle Ensis still has some branches that are easy to miss. This dungeon is the next step in Leda’s quest and serves as the gateway to Scadu Altus, the next region in.

To reach Castle Ensis, start from the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace and head northeast to reach Ellac Greatbridge. Beware of the ballista and numerous soldiers and perfumers on the other side. Dodge to the sides to avoid being knocked off Torrent.

Once across, head east to find the soldiers' camp with notable loot, including a chest with the Firespark Perfume Bottle . On the west side, there's a small clearing with a Black Knight and more soldiers, and inside a tent, you'll find one of 's Cookbooks, the Fire Knight’s Cookbook [2].

Return to the main road from the camp and continue north to the castle gate. Collect the Scadutree Fragment by the statue on the right and activate the 'Castle Front' Site of Grace beside the road.

After resting, head up the stairs and cross a smaller

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