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Cute Skyrim Cross Stitch Pokes Fun at Carry Weight

A Skyrim player online has shared their awesome dragon bone cross stitch, which pays tribute to one of the items in the game by poking fun at the carry weight mechanic. Although Skyrim is now almost 13 years old, gamers are still finding ways to show their appreciation for Bethesda’s RPG.

Over the years, Skyrim has always attracted an extremely dedicated fanbase. Fans of the game are always creating amazing tributes in their own unique ways. Some choose to mod the game itself, while others will create items from the game in real life. Just recently, one gamer created an amazing Skyrim painting that imagined Winterhold before the fall, bringing one of the game’s quieter areas back to life. Even though it has been so long since the game first launched, there’s no doubt that the Skyrim community is here to stay for a long time yet.

Redditor groovyiguana56 shared the awesome cross stitch, which portrays Skyrim’s inventory screen with a dragon bone, with the text “You are carrying too much to be able to run.” Fighting dragons in Skyrimbefore picking up their lucrative bones, only to find that they’re now over-encumbered as a result is definitely a universal experience, and this was pointed out by some users in the thread. Another gamer also pointed out that their experience was slightly different, with them always finding an abundance of silver swords throughout Skyrim.

When asked about how much it would cost to purchase the piece, groovyiguana56 confirmed that it was something they hadn't yet thought about, so it remains to be seen if this awesome Skyrim cross stitch will become available for players to buy. Considering how complimentary the comments in the thread were of the piece, it seems it would definitely find its audience, if it were up for sale.

While gamers continue to pay tribute to Skyrim, the wait goes on for more news about The Elder Scrolls 6. The long-awaited sequel is now in development, joining the ranks as one of the top RPGs that players are excited

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