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Clever Baldur's Gate 3 Exploit Lets Players Live Out Their Evil Desires With No Repercussions

Even after a long succession of patches, still has its fair share of quirks, and one unusual interaction that remains in the game can actually be surprisingly helpful. While most of the biggest problems with performance and game-breaking bugs are long gone, other weird interactions between 's complex systems aren't always as easy to tackle. In cases where they don't do any real harm to the game, there often isn't any point, and some interesting exploits can recapture some of the creative spirit that's often found in tabletop play.

As noted by Acid-Robot on Reddit, one surprising interaction occurs when using near friendly NPCs. This spell conjures up spirits to encircle the spellcaster, which can deal damage to enemies in a small vicinity.

When deployed around friendly NPCs, however, the characters will abandon their usual spots to step out of the way of . It's consequently possible to nudge NPCs out of crowded areas with to then rob them in private, making it significantly easier to acquire gold and loot with minimal repercussions.

The vampire Cazador is a difficult enemy to face off against, but this hilarious loophole has a way of incapacitating him in Baldur's Gate 3.

This clearly isn't the intended purpose of the cleric spell in , and in tabletop, any NPC designated to be unharmed by the spell shouldn't have any problem standing in its vicinity. From a logical standpoint, however, it isn't entirely senseless behavior. Although the official rules don't specify whether the spectral forms are visible to everyone, if they are, it makes sense that characters would still want to get out of the way of the spell. Whether they would allow themselves to meekly be herded to an isolated spot is more doubtful, of course.

Invoking isn't the only way to forcibly relocate an NPC, and Reddit user en_travesti points out a strong alternative through the use of the improvised weapon mechanic. Picking up an NPC as an improvised melee weapon allows them to be carried off, an

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