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AMD Ryzen AI 300 “Strix Point” Launch Reportedly Moved To 28th July, Landing A Day Before Ryzen 9000 CPUs

It looks like AMD may have silently moved the launch of its Ryzen AI 300 "Strix Point" APUs back, closer to its Ryzen 9000 CPUs.

AMD's Ryzen AI 300 "Strix Point" APUs Are Still Headed For July, First Laptops In Consumers Hand A Day Before Desktop Zen 5 Launch

AMD and its OEM partners had originally decided to launch laptops based on the newest Ryzen AI 300 "Strix Point" APUs on the 15th of July however, it looks like the launch will now be taking place just a few days later on the 28th of July which is revealed by two insiders who have been very legit in the past, Golden Pig Upgrade & Hoang Anh Phu.

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While Golden Pig Upgrade states that the initial 15th July launch has been moved to the 28th of July, Hoang states that both sales and review embargoes will be lifting on the 28th of July. This means that users who were waiting to read the reviews and planning to buy one of the next-generation Ryzen AI 300 "Strix Point" laptops will have to wait around two more weeks. We should remember that the launch is still happening in July and that's what AMD had promised and it's only a matter of a few days.

  • Ryzen AI 300 (Initial) Launch - 15th July, 2024
  • Ryzen AI 300 (New) Launch - 28th July, 2024
  • Ryzen 9000 (Initial) Launch - 31st July, 2024

Plus what's interesting is 28th of July happens to be a Sunday which means that we are looking at a weekend launch similar to the Phoenix APUs which also happened to launch on a weekend. These APU-powered laptops will also launch just a day before the expected retail launch of the next-gen AMD Ryzen 9000 Desktop CPUs so it will be a very crowded week, especially for reviewers and tech outlets who will have to work hard to complete tests of two major launches. It may be possible that the review embargo for the Ryzen 9000 CPUs lifts earlier but we will wait and see if that ends up being the case.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons to

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