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A legendary twinblade might be Shadow of the Erdtree's "most-hidden weapon," but Dark Souls 2 Pickaxe fans would like to have a word about that

What one Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree player claims is "hands down the most hidden weapon I've ever found" in a FromSoftware game has Dark Souls 2 fans crawling out of the woodwork to remind us all about its infamous pickaxe.

This article contains minor Elden Ring spoilers.

In a post on Reddit, one user shared their discovery of Euporia, a well-hidden Twinblade that they stumbled on deep within Shadow of the Erdtree. Their journey sounds like a perilous one, starting out with messages that worried could be "luring me to my doom," before moving to several jumping puzzles including one that led them straight out of a window. Two elevators and a giant scorpion fight later, they ended up at a metal door that looked like the start of a boss arena, only to find Euporia waiting for them inside.

The weapon isn't the only reason you'd head down this convoluted route - apparently you can find a Scadutree Fragment or two down there - but this intrepid explorer said it's exactly this kind of long-hidden discovery that encourages them to enter every FromSoft game without any help. They also claim that this is one of the best-hidden weapons they've ever come across - a suggestion that has a few Dark Souls 2 fans hitting back.

The Pickaxe is a punchy Hammer-type weapon found in the runt of the Soulsborne litter. Unfortunately, while it might be pretty fun, it's also incredibly difficult to find - in order to acquire it, you'll need to lure a boar all the way from the Royal Army Campsite bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora to nearly the other end of the level. The whole way, you'll need to ensure that the boar doesn't die or drop aggro, meaning you'll likely need to fight enemies on the way, or already have cleared the entire way. Eventually, you'll get to a room where you're ambushed by spiders (who you'll also probably need to kill). In that room are mushrooms, which, if eaten by the boar, will reveal the pickaxe.

If that sounds complicated, it only gets worse when you

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