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14 Best Villagers To Have In Minecraft

Villages are populated by Villagers: friendly mobs who will trade with players for a wide variety of items both common and rare, transforming sleepy hamlets into lively trading hubs. Trading with Villagers gives players easy access to resources that can be extraordinarily tricky to find in Overworld or the Nether. Even if self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal for many players in Survival Mode, Villager trading can fill some gaps when gathering resources.

Villagers in can take on specific job roles or Professions, such as Cartographers, Butchers, and Farmers, and will trade items based on these Professions. Villagers adopt Professions after claiming special “job site blocks” such as Cartography Tables or Grindstones. This gives players some flexibility, and they can create new Villager types by helping Villagers find jobs.

Using a specific world seed to generate a map with an early End Portal in Minecraft can help you reach the final boss and beat the game quickly.

Best Deal


Horse Saddle

6 Emeralds

As you might expect from the name, the Leatherworker deals in leather-based goods in. This can be exceptionally useful for players early on in their world as the trader sells both leather and leather armor.

Given that it is in exchange for the much rarer Emerald, this trade isn’t worth it in the long run unless you have already made several deals with other merchant NPCs. Leather armor is not very durable, so it might be better to try to forge your armor or look for another vendor.

The best item that the Leatherworker sells is undoubtedly the saddle. The saddle is the hardest to craft out of all leather-based goods in. This item is only sold by Master villager-level Leatherworkers and costs a whopping six emeralds, making it one of the more pricey items in across all village merchants.

This critical item can help you tame, ride, and even breed horses in . If you have the emeralds to spare, then this can definitely save you some time. It may be best to craft

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