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10 Tips If You're Finding The Elden Ring DLC Too Hard

appears to be significantly harder than the base game and has caught many returning players off guard. Entering a new realm filled with hostile NPCs that resemble mini-bosses can be overwhelming. Players with OP builds from the base game may be disheartened after realizing that many of these builds are less effective against the new adversaries and bosses.

Despite the challenge, there's a vast world to explore, allowing players to discover new builds using items and weapons from the Land of Shadow. If you, like so many, are finding the DLC too hard, preparing and adapting can make the DLC experience more manageable and enjoyable.

Elden Ring players took to social media to discuss the unexpected, yet unsurprising difficulty of the game’s crushing Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

The DLC is accessible from the mid-late game, solevel 100+ is the level you should be for . The content is balanced for late-game characters, and lower-level players may struggle due to high stat requirements for new weapons.

All players should focus onleveling up Stamina and Vigor to increase HP. These essential stats are crucial for keeping up with enemies and boss fights. Even skilled players will take damage from strong and fast enemies, so leveling these stats is vital. It allows for quick dodging, sustained weapon use, and the ability to tank occasional hits, extending your survival in fights.

While more health is beneficial, it often means sacrificing damage output. Balancing your stats and using external items, like Talismans in , can help offset this loss.

Another useful stat to level up is Endurance, which directly increases your maximum Equip Load. Equip Load soft caps at 25 and 60 Endurance. The Equip Load system limits the weight of the armor and weapons you can carry, making leveling Endurance necessary, especially for those wearing heavy armor to improve movement.

Equip Load and Stamina consumption determine your roll status. Staying under 70% Equip Load in is recommended for

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