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Where To Find Brahmin In Fallout 76 (All Locations)

Brahmin in are descendants of domestic cows that survived the Great War, evolving significant mutations that have dramatically changed their traditional appearance. These two-headed creatures are essential to survival, providing meat, milk, and hide, and serving as pack animals for traders and settlers.In Appalachia, Brahmin are similar to those found in other wastelands but are somewhat rarer.

They typically live in groups, like the small population once raised by the Responders in Flatwoods before their disappearance. To utilize the benefits of these mutated cows, players must seek out Brahmin across various map locations in . Despite the challenges, their resources continue to support the survival of human communities in the wastelands.

All Brahmin, including those from vendors like Chally the moo-moo, can produce Brahmin Milk when activated. Consuming this milk satisfies a small amount of hunger and thirst, heals a modest amount of HP, and removes 5 Rads. This makes Brahmin Milk a valuable resource for surviving the threats of the wasteland.

Some of the best consumables in are crafted from simple Brahmin-derived ingredients. Ribeye Steak, a dish made from cooked Brahmin meat, not onlyrestores a substantial amount of hunger and health but also provides a +20 boost to Carry Weight for 30 minutes.

Although it imparts a moderate radiation dose of 5 Rads, this can be easily mitigated with Radaway. Another unique dish, Appalachili, enhances Luck by +2 and health by +30 HP, also at the cost of +5 Rads.

After acquiring the plan for the Brahmin Pen, you can build a Fertilizer Collector at your C.A.M.P. in . This setup spawns a single Brahmin continuously producing fertilizer in the accompanying wheelbarrow container.

MyUsualMe — Daily Games demonstrates how to acquire and use this setup, reaping the agricultural advantages of the mutant cow. However, if you haven't obtained the plan or the necessary structures to have your own Brahmin,you'll need to seek them out

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