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Headphones News

Christopher Coke - Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim Review - mmorpg.com

Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim Review

Elysian Acoustic Labs is best known for its ultra-premium IEMs, including the much-lauded Annihilator and Diva, halo-tier products that have set trends in the IEM space… while costing $3,000 and $1,300 respectively. The Elysian Pilgrim is a different beast entirely. Aimed at bringing that high-end sound quality to a more accessible price point, the Pilgrim uses a combination of three Sonion balanced armatures and a custom-developed 9.2mm dynamic driver. 

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Christopher Coke - HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Jr and Svanar Wireless LE Review - mmorpg.com

HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Jr and Svanar Wireless LE Review

If you’re looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds that put sound quality first while still offering premium features like active noise cancellation, the HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Jr. and HIFIMAN Wireless LE have arrived to vye for your attention. With a rich history in over-ear headphones, in-ear monitors, DACs, and amps, HIFIMAN brings its audiophile pedigree to bear on the mainstream, and most accessible, listening market. At $119 for the Svanar Wireless Jr. and $199 for the Svanar Wireless LE, these are two pairs of true wireless earphones that fans of good audio should pay attention to.

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Christopher Coke - Fiio FD15 Review - mmorpg.com

Fiio FD15 Review

Fiio is back with its successor to its hit FD5 earphones from 2021: the Fiio FD15. They’re a surprising successor, coming in at around half the price but offering surprisingly competitive sound with a cohesiveness that only a single dynamic driver can deliver. Just don’t go in expecting massive bass.

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Christopher Coke - Golden Ears: Fiio FA19 Balanced Armature IEMs Review - mmorpg.com

Golden Ears: Fiio FA19 Balanced Armature IEMs Review

Welcome back to Golden Ears. This week, we’re looking at the Fiio FA19, a flagship pair of in-ear monitors from Fiio. Fiio has been on a roll this last year with the cadence of its releases and, according to the CEO, the FA19 is particularly important as it may decide the future of the product line. 

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Christopher Coke - Golden Ears: Fiio M23 Digital Audio Player Review - mmorpg.com

Golden Ears: Fiio M23 Digital Audio Player Review

It has been ages since the iPod disappeared from the mainstream, but for music lovers, there’s still a demand for dedicated listening devices that put sound quality and features first. The Fiio M23 is exactly such a device, pairing powerful, audio-first components, an Android operating system, and powerful output to drive just most headphones and any IEM. Retailing for $699, it’s not cheap but is an excellent value against other DAPs, even for significantly more.

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Christopher Coke - Sennheiser HD 620S Review - mmorpg.com

Sennheiser HD 620S Review

Few audio brands are as well known as Sennheiser, and within its line-up, the HD 600 series is one of its most iconic. The HD 600, HD 650, and HD 6XX have all been staples in the audio world and today we have a new entry: the HD 620S. It features a closed-back design for isolation and portability, a stylish new chassis, and a sound that’s full, rich, and surprisingly spacious. Coming in at $349.95, these headphones are a solid value, especially if you’re already a fan of Sennheiser’s sound. 

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Christopher Coke - 7Hz Aurora IEM Review - mmorpg.com

7Hz Aurora IEM Review

7Hz has been one of the brands to watch ever since it released the Timeless back in 2021. That IEM is, in no small part, responsible for the influx of planar magnetic IEMs that have now become a regular feature in this space, pushing in-ear monitors into new and exciting territory. At this point, it’s a classic, but all things change in time. 7Hz has officially unveiled its new flagship: the 7Hz Aurora.

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Christopher Coke - Elysian Acoustics Debuts Its Most Affordable IEM Yet, the Pilgrim - mmorpg.com

Elysian Acoustics Debuts Its Most Affordable IEM Yet, the Pilgrim

Elysian Acoustics is finally pushing into the mid-range with the announcement of its Pilgrim pair of in-ear monitors. While it is best known for its Diva and Annihilator earphones, $1,599 and $2,999 respectively, the Pilgrim comes to market at $399 while retaining the company’s signature detailed sound and beautiful design. It features a hybrid, triple--driver design, and is available at HiFiGo now.

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