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Stardew Valley Fan Thinks Of Smart Way To See Heart Events Without The Commitment

Fans of the heart events in have a few different options to see them without having to fully romance the characters. Each Bachelor and Bachelorette have special events that happen only after a certain heart level is reached, and these are locked behind giving that character a bouquet and then the Mermaid's Pendant. Some players have no issues marrying and divorcing each of the characters, or even giving them all bouquets to cause drama in Pelican Town, but other plays just want to farm without commitment, and this is where mods come in.

Reddit user Ok-Employ1345 vented their frustrations aboutnot being able to have platonic relationshipswith the Bachelors and Bachelorettes on the r/stardewvalley subreddit, and was met with some great solutions.

There have been a few mods that will let players achieve just that, leaving all the pretenses of romance behindand just befriending the villager in question. All available via Nexus Mods, and helpfully listed in the Reddit post by user annatheorc, the Fourteen Heart Events For All mod, by AirynS on Nexus Mods, lets players see the heart events, and even changes the dialogue to be about friendship instead of romance. Platonic Partners and Friendships by Nexus Mods user Amaranthacyan gives players the option to set the type relationship between them and the villager.

To get perfection in Stardew Valley, players should attend every festival at least once — and this player learned why the hard way.

The third option for this type of mod is Platonic Friendships, created by Nexus Mods user CherryChain, which is similar to the other two mods, but instead, doesn't change any of the dialogue. All of these mods still allow players to marry and date whomever they choose, but it doesn't restrict them from seeing the higher-level heart events like Vanilla does. There are many solutions to the problem that Ok-Employ1345 brought up, and thankfully the community did what it does best and jumped into action with a few different options.


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