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Star Trek Fleet Command Codes (July 2024)

is offering more free rewards through active codes in July 2024, allowing you to upgrade your collection of space-faring ships. Those who wish to explore strange new worlds will want to redeem these limited-time earnings fast before they expire. Free currency, new leaders, and more can be claimed to help your fleet go boldly where no one has ever gone before.

Many elements of this game can be broken down into experience and resources for you to pay attention to. Leveling up Officers and collecting valuable items used to upgrade your fleet are the core gameplay loops you'll want to focus on. Gathering new leaders, such as the iconic Captain Picard in , will also help your crew grow in size and strength to face the galaxy's dangers.

Actor Wil Wheaton spoke on his Star Trek: The New Generation character's inclusion in mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command, and he couldn't be happier.

As of this time of writing, five available active codes are being offered for that have not expired yet. This could be subject to change at any time as developers make continuous updates throughout July 2024 and beyond. Try to redeem codes quickly to ensure you gain their benefits before they stop working in the coming weeks when many events and adjustments could take place.

Unlike many popular released gacha games right now, has level requirements you have to meet before claiming certain rewards from codes. Although some phrases don't have any prerequisites, some require your Operations Level (OP) to be a certain amount before you can redeem a code. Other mechanics in the game also begin to unlock once you meet different progression OP Levels.

Active Code




5 Epic Mirror Picard Shards



4,000 Ultra Recruit Tokens, 100 James T. Kirk Shards



24,000 Event Store Currency

Must have OPs Level 10


Random Free Rewards

Must have OPs Level 38


Random Free Rewards

Must have OPs Level 40

Many of the items being offered

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