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Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Discover A New Brutal Way For Arthur Morgan To Die

The world of is a pretty ruthless place, with rival gangs, wild cults, serial killers, wild animals, and more looking to kill Arthur Morgan as he ventures across the game's fictionalized version of America toward the end of the Wild West. Therefore, there are many ways Arthur can die horribly before the game's campaign even draws to a close, but due to the impressive attention to detail and hidden features Rockstar has implemented in the game, some players are still discovering new methods almost six years on from the game's launch.

Redditor Kindly_Budget_6462 took to the r/reddeadredemption Subreddit with a video clip showing a lawman swiftly running up to Arthur following a massacre in Saint Denis and brutally stabbing him in the chest with a hunting knife.

This clearly took Kindly_Budget_6462 and others on the thread by surprise, with various comments that this kind of approach was more in line with a bounty hunter or a member of the night folk and that a lawman would surely use some kind of nightstick or truncheon. It turns out the lawmen of Saint Denis don't mess about when it comes to neutralizing a potential threat and go straight for the kill by any means necessary.

There are a plethora of cheat codes available in Red Dead Redemption 2 that will allow players to have fun by making Arthur feel untouchable.

It turns out lawmen will equip their knives as a last resort after being disarmed by players, but if anything, them using this tactic is far more lethal than shooting in. Players are able to take a few hits from a gun, but a melee weapon such as a knife will take them down in one move, as seen in Kindly_Budget_6462's video. Disarming the lawmen can be achieved by shooting at their guns from afar or getting up close and personal and punching them in the arm and the head when they have their guns equipped.

Of course, the act of disarming characters like the lawmen isn't that easy, as it requires precision to pull off. Targeting their hands with the

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