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NYT Crossword: answers for Sunday, June 30

The New York Times has plenty of word games on its roster today — with Wordle, Connections, Strands, and the Mini Crossword, there’s something for everyone — but the newspaper’s standard crossword puzzle still reigns supreme. The daily crossword is full of interesting trivia, helps improve mental flexibility and, of course, gives you some bragging rights if you manage to finish it every day.

While the NYT puzzle might feel like an impossible task some days, solving a crossword is a skill and it takes practice — don’t get discouraged if you can’t get every single word in a puzzle.

If you’re having trouble completing today’s NYT Crossword, we’re here to help. We’ve got all the answers for today’s clues down below.

NYT Crossword answers today


1 Say “Another great thing about me …,” say: BRAG
5 Baltimore squad, casually: THEOS
10 Turkic tongue: TATAR
15 “I’ll return shortly,” in shorthand: BRB
18 Experience: FEEL
19 Shapeshift: MORPH
20 Emirati’s neighbor: OMANI
21 Feast often concluded with haupia (coconut pudding): LUAU
22 Getaway driver’s plan, obviously?: FLOORITDUH
24 Desires: WANTS
25 Octopus’s octet: ARMS
26 Staple of ’80s pop: SYNTH
27 Graphing calculator button: COS
28 “She sure runs fast!”?: MISSISZIPPY
30 “Human beef” and “Chicken pox pie” on a menu, one hopes: TYPOS
32 Preps for framing, as a photo: MATS
33 Where fairy tale creatures often live: WOOD
34 Captain and nine crew members?: TENASEA
37 Bust: DUD
38 Ones living a lavish lifestyle, in slang: BALLERS
41 Film unit: REEL
42 Like braids and some breads: PLAITED
45 Jaded miner’s remark?: OREAGAIN
47 Preferring platonic relationships, informally: ARO
48 Words after “Mamma mia!” in “Bohemian Rhapsody”: LETMEGO
50 Bhagavad ___ (Hindu scripture): GITA
51 Coke-ette?: MINISODA
56 Sandy springs: OASES
57 “What a pity”: ITSSAD
59 Real ___: ESTATE
60 Actress Kendrick, when appearing in smaller films?: INDIEANNA
62 Time of one’s life: ERA
63 Perform better than: OUTACT
65 Like yesterday’s bread, compared

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