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New Starfield Mod Finally Fixes One Of The Worst, Most Repetitive Parts Of The Endgame

may spend a great deal of time hyping up the galaxy's various Starborn Temples but the disappointing «puzzles» only amount to frustrating time sinks which is a problem that's now, fortunately, been rectified. One of the core aspects of the RPG's story is uncovering a series of bizarre temples scattered across the map and while each one is teased as a significant discovery, the reward for floating around its dull interior never really justifies the effort of seeking them out. It may be necessary to track down these locations, but now the process of «solving» them is much easier.

Posted to the official Creations page by creator JustPete1, the aptly named «No More Temples» mod effectively removes the mini-game from , allowing players to simply acquire their Starborn powers without fussing around in zero gravity. The add-on works by granting users their new abilities (or the upgraded versions of ones they may already have) whenever they pick up an artifact in New Game+. It's worth noting that the mod only works for NG+ runs so players will still need to endure all the Temple mini-games before they have the option to skip them entirely.

Starfield was less violent than some past Bethesda RPGs, but some players still hope that mods could bring combat closer to that of Fallout 4.

's story dedicates a large chunk of its run time to hyping up the galaxy's mysterious Temples, so much so that it's difficult to not become invested in the search for these mysterious locations. Upon discovering the first Temple and completing the mini-game that involves simply floating around in zero gravity and flying into glittery clusters of light, most players assume that the following Temples will be different in terms of the challenge. Unfortunately, that's not the case as every subsequent mini-game plays out in an almost identical fashion.

It's no doubt disappointing, especially when leads players into believing that these strange structures have something to do with an all-powerful

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